Made in Madagascar

The geological diversity of Madagascar brings up a multitude of types of reliefs and massive mountains, which gave birth to waterfalls, lakes, caves, forests, rocky ...
It is in these caves that Bats take refuge and create their own habitat.

The bat :

The bat is the only flying mammal. Night Hunter, particularly voracious: it can swallow between a quarter and a third of its weight per day.
Therefore it can easily produce many times its weight in excrement per month.
Approximately 70% of bats are insectivores. Others are mostly frugivorous or nectar, and only a few are carnivores.

Guano means the mass of bat excrement. This is a very rich material nitrates, which makes it an extremely effective natural fertilizer. Highly concentrated nitrogen and phosphorus, it also brings many trace elements to plants.

Guano consists of ammonia and urea of acids of phosphorus, carbonic acid and oxalic acid, and certain salts and impurities. The nitrate concentration turned guano into an important strategic resource. One of the qualities of the fertilizer comes from the subtle blend of acidity and feces between the limestone (basic). This fertilizer is accepted in the specifications of organic farming.