The bats guano Guanopro :

Guano bat Guanopro is more effective than organic fertilizers, due to its high content of microbial flora , composed of fungi , actinomycetes and bacteria, which play a very important role in the assimilation of nutrients by plants. Most of nutrient in our fertilizer Guanopro , take the form of chelates, organo - inorganic compounds that occur naturally , and have a prolonged effect on the soil .

Guanopro is an ideal alternative to outdoor growers who want to switch from liquid fertilizer. Guano allows direct and prolonged assimilation by plants 10 weeks after incorporation into substrate. This results in higher yields and reveals the authentic flavors and aromas of cultivated outdoor varieties.

Guanopro is odourless, and will also delight indoor growers on soil wishing to obtain a final product of high biological quality which is rich in taste. It will also make all your plants beautiful, and is suitable for all horticultural and ornamental plants.

If you live in an apartment ... , if you have a large garden ... if you are professional grower ... Guanopro offers different sizes of pots and bags to adapt to best suit your needs and desired amounts ( from 2 to 25 Kgs ) .

Ecological and economic ...

- Increased efficiency and production
- Improved product quality
- Powerful Root development and rapid growth of plants
- Reduced operating costs by using lower-dose
- Improvement of soil structure
- Plant protection against deficiency diseases and fungal attack

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