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Harvesting Guano :
The bat guano is harvested from caves in the chain of small hills from Tulear northward twenty miles from the sea
Access to the caves is very difficult. The roads are very curvy . The road needs to be redone. Trucks and equipment are put to severe tests .

Guano treatments :
Once harvested , the guano is centralized and shipped to Tulear.
In the same village , it is screened and then placed in ovens heated to 70 ° for one hour to obtain certifications and international standards.

Guano packaging :
It is then placed in double bags of 25 kg with packaging " Guanopro " for international distribution .

Export Guano :
Our teams bring bags of 25 Kg in containers to be exported.
In France , Guano bags are stored in a repository before leaving for the distribution or bag, or in buckets of various capacities.